See the tide rising. The RTS software stack is based on its Linux Unified Target, which is the emerging industry standard block storage engine.


Buffalo Datenwerk

TeraStation NAS/SAN appliances powered by RTS.
VMware ESX 4 and vSphere 4 certification.

Non-stop storage solutions with RTS.

EMC Digitally Accurate

Dedup appliances based on RTS.

Non-stop systems with RTS storage and virtualization.

Limelight Netgear

Next-gen infrastructure with RTS storage.

ReadyNAS appliances powered by RTS.
VMware ESX 4 and vSphere 4 certification.

OnStor OpenFiler

Scalable storage arrays powered by RTS.

Based on RTS storage engine.

Paralan Pelco

Leading high-performance iSCSI to SCSI bridges.

Endura IP Video Security based on RTS.

Pure Storage QNAP

The first all-flash enterprise array powered by RTS.
VMware vSphere 5 certification.

TS-x59 appliances powered by RTS.
VMware ESX 4 and vSphere 4 certification.

Scale Computing Schwäbisch Hall

Award-winning scale-out arrays based on RTS
software. VMware ESX 4 and vSphere 4 certification.

Millenium archive on RTS storage.


Storage appliances powered by RTS.

In addition to these direct customers, RTS OS is being used by an increasing number of the world's largest cloud providers, content delivery networks, Internet service providers and data centers, etc., to run their mission-critical storage arrays. We'd be happy to provide corresponding references upon request.


Arista Boston

Partner for high-performance 10 GbE switches.

Strategic storage systems VAR for Europe.

Brocade Cisco

Brocade is a leading Fibre Channel equipment vendor.

Contributed the FCoE fabric module.

Emaplis Equinix

Storage experts and systems integrator in Europe.

Equinix operates data cenetrs in 12 countries and uses RTS storage for the German Cloud.

Eucalyptus Force-10

Eucalyptus Systems develops enterprise-grade technology solutions built on the open-source Eucalyptus software for private and hybrid cloud computing.

The leader in 10 GbE switches.

Fusion-IO Intel

Fusion-IO is a leader in high-performance solid state computing.

Partner and contributor for high-speed networking technology.

Linbit Mellanox

The leading Linux high-availability solution.

Partner for Infiniband fabric support.

NTT Labs Qlogic

Partner for the IBM virtual SCSI fabric module.

QLogic is a leading Fibre Channel HBA and switch vendor.

Red Hat Super Micro

10 Gb/s storage for KVM guests with RTS.

Highly innovative PC systems vendor.

SuSe VMware

LIO Target becomes standard with SLES11.

VMware and RTS are technology partners.


Xyratex is a strategic platform partner of RTS.

Industry Alliances

Deutsche Wolke OSBA

RTS provides the storage backend for the German Cloud hosted by Equinix.

RTS provides the online storage component for the OSBA OSS reference stack.


RTS is a member of the new Open Cloud Initiative, founded by open-source industry veterans.

RTS is a member of Open Virtualization Alliance, comprised of leading virtualization and cloud solution providers.