descriptionThis is the community edition of rtslib.
ownerJerome Martin
last changeWed, 31 Jul 2013 01:51:12 +0000
2013-07-31 Nicholas Bellinger Add vhost.spec master 2.2
2013-07-04 Nicholas Bellinger rtslib: Change copyright to Apache License 2.0
2013-04-12 Nicholas Bellinger rtslib: Add NetworkPortal delete to disable iser attribute
2013-04-12 Nicholas Bellinger rtslib: Add support for iser get/set attribute in Netwo...
2013-03-13 Jan Engelhardt rtslib: make write_protect=0 create read-only mapped...
2013-03-13 Jan Engelhardt src: orthographic fixes
2013-03-13 Jerome Martin Updated scsi path<->hctl utils for PSCSI TYPE_DISK...
2013-01-18 Hannes Reinecke Fixup debian/copyright to refer to correct license
2012-05-08 Jerome Martin Update ib_srpt.spec:wwn_from_files_filter formatting
2012-05-08 Jerome Martin Made NetworkPortal's port argument optional
2012-05-08 Jerome Martin NodeACL tcq_depth now uses RTSLibError
2012-05-08 Jerome Martin Added ZFS ZVols to list of accepted TYPE_DISK
2012-05-07 Jerome Martin Do not append newline when setting auth attribute
2012-05-07 Jerome Martin Added generic auth attributes support in CFSNode
2011-12-21 Jerome Martin Removed deb build depend on python version.
2011-12-05 Jerome Martin Removed stale space in parameters set.
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