descriptionThis is the community edition of configshell.
ownerJerome Martin
last changeThu, 4 Jul 2013 07:10:33 +0000
2013-07-04 Nicholas Bellinger configshell: Change copyright to Apache License 2.0 master 1.2
2013-01-18 Hannes Reinecke Fixup debian/copyright to refer to correct license
2011-11-01 Jerome Martin Fixed console get_width()
2011-11-01 Jerome Martin Removed full git log from packages changelogs.
2011-10-19 Jerome Martin Fixed HTML documentation
2011-10-18 Jerome Martin Cleaned up packaging
2011-09-22 Jerome Martin Normalized release archive generation.
2011-09-21 Jerome Martin Fixed obsolete examples/myshell. 1.1
2011-09-21 Jerome Martin Now using a tarball-release based Makefile.
2011-09-15 Jerome Martin Updated version numbering code. 1.0
2011-07-20 Jerome Martin Made warnings blue by default.
2011-07-20 Jerome Martin Removed unused import (sys) in
2011-07-19 Jerome Martin Fixed the RPM make target: work on current branch.
2011-07-18 Jerome Martin Improved handling of command_execution result.
2011-07-18 Jerome Martin Main help text update, a few comments fixes.
2011-07-18 Jerome Martin Added epydoc requirement in RPM specfile.
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