Smile. Scale. Groove. Cloud computing, virtualization and IP storage are complementary. RTS storage delivers measured line-rate 10 GbE throughput in native and virtualized (KVM and Xen) environments. It significantly improves the density and cost of highly scalable storage by providing high-end storage features, such as high availability, failover clustering and unlimited LUNs per target on cost-efficient commodity hardware. RTS end-to-end IP storage solutions can increase computing and storage densities by a factor of 10x, and decrease operating cost per virtual machine by up to 90% - redefining data center economics.


Scalable Cloud Storage

RTS storage redefines the economics of highly scalable storage.


Effective Storage Virtualization

Effective storage virtualization allows to increase compute and storage densities and drives corresponding cost reductions.


RTS Director

RTS Director provides a powerful, fully distributed, highly-available management platform for entire storage clouds/clusters. It offers a unified namespace, stateless auto-configuration, and virtually instant failure management. Its multicast-based architecture scales seamlessly up to hundreds of storage nodes.

Scalable Cloud Storage

Seamless location transparency. RTS Unified SAN storage can be put anywhere on the network, making storage in or for the cloud easy to implement and scale. On the other hand, Fibre Channel or InfiniBand based storage provide the performance to drive high-end commercial or scientific deployments.

Unparalleled Storage Density

Virtually no limits on storage objects. With storage features such as virtually unlimited LUNs per target, each LUN with managed QoS attributes, virtually unlimited storage per target, petabyte file and LUN sizes, high availability and failover clustering on cost-efficient commodity hardware, RTS storage significantly improves the density and cost of highly scalable storage.

Precise Quality of Service

Deeply manageable storage. Each LUN has a carefully designed set of service attributes, such as capacity, bandwidth and I/O rate. RTS storage allows virtually unlimited LUNs per target, so each user or Virtual Machine can be assigned a dedicated LUN. The result is deeply manageable and scalable storage, with precise sandboxing of LUNs, which allows to dynamically contain users, operating systems and virtual machines.

Efficient Storage Virtualization

Changing industry dynamics. Virtualization is one of the most prominent trends in the server industry. While the IDC estimates the 2009 total server market to remain flat at 5.1M units, the growth areas are where computing densities are increased: virtual servers are projected to grow from 0.9M units in 2007 to 1.7M units in 2010, and blade servers are projected to grow from 1.1M units in 2007 to 1.7M units in 2010. The corresponding increase in computing densities is motivated by the goal to offset significantly rising operating costs - energy, real estate and management.

Effective I/O Virtualization

Paranative storage for KVM and Xen. I/O and storage virtualization have been been lagging CPU and memory virtualization. Effective I/O and storage virtualization are becoming possible by advances in CPU and hypervisor technology. RTS technology has achieved bare-metal speed storage throughput for KVM guests with the RTS Unified Target.

Changing Storage Economics

10x increase in computing density. The high storage throughput that RTS can deliver in both native and virtualized environments allows to increase computing densities by an order of magnitude. The cost of storage per MIPS (or virtual machine) can correspondingly be reduced up to 90%. The resulting landslide in server CapEx and OpEx can potentially fundamentally change hosting economics.

RTS Director

Scalable and easy management platform. The RTS Director provides powerful, scalable yet easy control for all cluster management tasks. It provides a CLI, library and API.

Watch the RTS Director demo video.

Online capacity expansion, dynamic RAID-level migration, dynamic iSCSI, FC, FCoE and InfiniBand configuration, volume creation, and host-to-volume mappings give administrators full control over their storage systems and the ability to make effective and swift changes when necessary.

RTS Director

Unified cluster-wide storage object tree. The RTS Director significantly reduces the complexity of installation, configuration, management and diagnostic tasks. RTS Director is based on a RTS library that maps all storage objects in the storage cluster into a fabric-agnostic unified object tree and namespace.

Symmetric scale-out. The semantics enabled by the unified object tree allow pratically unlimited scale-out, and keep storage operations symmetric across clusters of any size. Object contexts can be tagged, saved and restored, which allows easy experimentation with diverse storage configurations (targets, portals, LUNs, etc.). Management operations are pre-filled with context-sensitive smart default parameters that can easily be modified.

Easy manageability. The resulting ability to make swift and sweeping changes with only a few powerful operations takes storage manageability to a whole new level.


  • RTS Director - powerful, easy, scalable and fully scriptable management framework.
  • SNMP and email notifications.
  • Volume management with online resizing.
  • The management library maps an entire storage cluster into unified object tree.
  • Storage operations operate symmetrically on the unified object tree.
  • The resulting CLI & API semantics allow virtually unlimited storage scalability.